Itinerary: Beloyarsky suburb

Quad biking is becoming more prominent every year and is attracting a huge amount of adventure lovers.

What can be better than riding quick as the wind?
We guarantee this to be a memorable day fun and adventure!
We teach everyone to drive our off road vehicles. Big ,small, young or old. Absolutely no experience is necessary!
 Feel the adrenaline rush as the guide leads you through the challenging off road woodland.
We offer a variety of safari options, but whatever you choose, the incomparable beauty of the norternh nature and  extreme feelings are guaranteed.
If you want to have some ‘real’ adventure, come riding with us!


DAY 1:

10:30 a.m. Meet with a local guide,  safety orientation instructions, getting of equipment.*
Quad bikes boarding  (CF500-2A model).
Choosing the safari options. Departure:

  1. Mini Trophy  (for beginners).

Length of trail: 1,5 km.
driving time: 1 hour
Trail type: round, special prepared trackway.

2. Trophy to the lake (intermediate level).

Length of trail: 30 km.

driving time: 3 hours,  stops each 45 minutes: technical check of quad bikes  and equipment.  

Trail type: through woodlands, «off road».

 3. Quadro-safari (advanced level)

Length of trail: 50 km.
driving time: 7 hours, technical check of quad bikes  and equipment
Dinner, chow wagon .

Trail type: high level is required, lots of balks on way.

Tour details:
4–6 pax.
Recommended dates: year round


Weather conditions: not lower than –30 degrees

Rates Include:

Quad bikes rental;

Quad bikes equipment:

       – (in summer) – helmet with helmet lining, camouflage, glasses,  gloves

       – (in winter) – helmet with a warm helmet lining, warm suite  and gloves

– professional guide service

– medical insurance

Travel advisory:

Dear Sirs!!

1. Driving is allowed in the helmet and safety mask/glasses only.

2. Know your bike before start driving. Make sure where cut-off switch is. Know where brakes are. Know how to get it and out of reverse – before you need to. Know here change-speed lever, other structures connected with  driving are located

3. Driving a quad bike while impaired by alcohol or drugs not allowed

4. Check your bike regularly. In case of any damages inform a guide immediately. Never use a bike in improper state for the avoidance of accident.

5. Be extra careful and never go over the speed limit especially during crossing the uphill road,  loosened rock way, rivers.

6. Always hold a wheel in hand and foot at the bike footrest

8. During driving follow guide way only.

9. Never stop too quickly.

10. The main bike signals:

  • left turn: put out left hand
  • right turn: put out left hand and shorten it under 90 degrees
  • Stop/ accident: put your left hand up. This signal means a necessity of reducing speed and pay attention.

11. Obey traffic regulations in case of driving on the main road

12. If you travel with a group, follow your guide instructions at the main road.  A Group starts moving only after guide signal.

Tour Requirements:

  1. You can take a part in tour whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider.  But you need technical skills for  obstacle local climbing during a route

2. Children under 18 years without adults are prohibited. Minimum kids age depends on tour complicacy, physical growth and development and also to be concerned by a tour-operator.

3. Age limits depend on physical conditioning and tour complicacy.

4. Not recommended if: Chronic Lung Disease, CVD, diseases of the nervous system, Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In case of having one of abovementioned medical alerts – get consultation by a specialist! 

All the used special equipment meet the standards of safety, ecology, hygienic and esthetic requirements, the maximum convenience in use

What to bring and how to pack it:

  • Backpack/ travel bag
  • Extra clothes and boots.

Main rules and responsibilities:

Each tourist has to:

– Obey safety orientation instructions

– Follow all the guide directions

– Obey speed limits

– Guide has a right to flag any tourist in case of any recurring violation or a gross violation of safety orientation instructions.

– It is against the law to drive a snowmobile while impaired by alcohol or drugs

– Inform a travel agency if you have any adverse health conditions connected with moderate physical activity before tour starting

– tour itinerary can be changed in situ due to weather conditions or group fitness level, etc.

– tourist shall be financially liable and may incur other sanctions for intentional infliction of injury or unsafe application of snowmobile.

– tourist is obliged to behave validly in relation to locals, to protect the nature.

Follow the safety rules and have fun!