Welcome to our City break tour
 Traditions and Talants
of the Northern People (Winter trip)”

Recommended dates: November-February

Our City break tour a great opportunity to spend a weekend away from everyday routine!
Admire the national ethnographic complex of the Kazym village*, where hospitable local people meet you with a traditional entertainment program, master-classes in ethnic handicrafts and ethnic cuisine .
Feel the magical aura of the Severyanka Tourists Center, where you can have an excellent  dinner, play billiards and enjoy a  sauna .
Take an excursion to Tapry Yugan,  down river by a motorboat,  walk through the taiga woods, and  come to the  Holy Places of the Khanty Nation.
Make your adventure pleasant and useful!


Day 1

09:00 a.m.  Departure from Beloyarsky to  Kazym village (35 км) in our comfortable Ford Transit minivan for 20 pax.

10:00 a.m. Arrival at Kazym village. Visit Kazym ethnographic  open air museum.

Excursion to the museum  (40 minutes)

For extra cos:

  1. «Amnya»  – the ancient Asian settlement.
  2. North nation’s toys.
  3. Kazym culture centre .
  4. Kazym princely state.
  5. Man and Woman in Khanty culture.
  6. Kazym Khanty musical instruments.
  7. National sport (the Notrh multiathlon).
  8. The main feature of traditional Khanty food.
  9. Stag breeding development in Kazym areas.
  10. Khanty habitation.

12:00 p.m. Dinner (ethnic cuisine)

13:00p.m.  Master-Classes.

Master-Classes themes:

  1. Fabrication of traditional toy-akani (textile, squirrel).
  2. Bead weaving  (bracelets, pendants, necklaces).
  3. Making of national pin cushion (woollen cloth, fur, beads).

 Visit souvenir stalls (traditional hand-made souvenirs).

 Photo/video shoot.

17:00p.m.  Departure to the Severyanka Sport Tourist Centre  (20 km),

Check-in. Rest.

18:00 p.m. Dinner

19:00p.m. Entertainment program:

– GYM,
– billiards,
– ping-pong,
– sauna/ swimming pool,
– kids animatio


09:00 a.m. Breakfast

10:00 a.m. Departure to Tapry Yugan Reindeer  Farm  (translated from Khanty  “Mountain River Reindeer Farm”), about 1,5 hours by snowmobile.

During the trip you can visit holy places of the Khanty Nation,. Ceremonies can be performed upon request.

11:30 a.m. Arrival to Tapry Yugan.

There is a log hut, tent and cattle-pen in the

center territory. You can observe all the      reindeer farm features of the Khanty culture.

Ride with a reindeer team,

Photo/video in folk costume.

You will know how a  traditional reindeer farm is organized,  learn the secrets of reindeer herders and feel the extreme of riding with the reindeer team dressed in national Khanty winter clothes.


– accommodation at log hut, tent

– Banya**

14:00p.m. Dinner in picnic style at farm.

All the women are welcome to a master-class of Khanty cooking

15:00 p.m. Race -show.

Opportunity to handle the reindeer team.

Winter fishing masterclass.

17:00 p.m. Arrival to Beloyarsky


Rates include:

– accommodation at Severyank Sport Tourist Centre **,
– Meals,
– excursions,
– master-classes,
– transportation.

**A banya is a sauna-like bath house with traditional procedures